About us

TransFormA is the first and only initiative that protects and promotes the rights of transgender people in the Republic of North Macedonia, led by transgender people.

TransFormA strives to create a favorable environment for the promotion of transgender people by including them in its activities, regardless of their sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic or religious affiliation, social and work status. 

Today, TransFormA is recognized by several organizations and institutions as an initiative that actively promotes the rights of transgender people nationally and strives for a just society that recognizes, accepts and respects diversity and provides equal treatment for all. Our key activities include working with the transgender community, collaborating with institutions in working groups, organizing the Visibility March – March 31st and organizing events for Transgender Remembrance Day – November 20th. 


TransFormA advocates for an inclusive society for transgender people, in which they can live a dignified and quality life.


TransFormA's mission is to create an inclusive society by addressing the key issues faced by transgender people: invisibility, violence, discrimination, lack of legal recognition of gender and inadequate regulation of medical procedures.


· Increasing the visibility of transgender people;

· Creating a positive image of gender diversity;

· Protection, promotion and advancement of the fundamental human rights of transgender people, working with the social, legal and healthcare system in the country;

· Advocacy for legal recognition of gender and regulation of medical transition procedures for transgender people;

· Improving the social environment in which transgender people live;

· Enabling easier access for transgender people to healthcare, social and legal services, as well as adapting existing services according to the needs of the community itself;

· Effective protection against violence and discrimination against transgender persons;

· Raising public awareness with regard to acceptance of transgender people and respect for their human rights and freedoms.


2011 | Formed in 2011, the first meetings are aimed at mapping the needs of transgender people and strengthening the community.Initially known as a "trans group", by means of contacts with civil society organizations and supporters, TransFormA begins to create short videos and manuals to increase public awareness of the existence of transgender people, as well as the problems and challenges they face.In its development phase, within the frames of the LGBTI Support Center, TransFormA as a trans support group, begins with the first contacts and trainings with psychologists, psychiatrists, representatives of medical teams and activist groups from Belgrade.  

2014 | From 2014 until today, TransFormA has been working without a base location, but continuously cooperates with the Coalition Margins.Together they conduct research, analysis and generate other types of materials. Form an informal network of activists and professionals from various fields to whom trans people can be referred to receive support and health services without being judged and discriminated against.They implement trainings for communication skills, advocacy, workshops for creative activism, form working groups in cooperation with supporters and other organizations. The trans community is becoming more present at public LGBTI events. 

2014 – 2017 | In cooperation with close partner organizations and supporters, TransFormA starts working on organizational development, strengthening its organizational capacities and mobilizing the community. 

2020 | In 2020, in cooperation with STAR-STAR Skopje, it begins to produce materials and trainings for raising the awareness of healthcare professionals about working with transgender people.It starts with the mobilization of transgender people in several cities of the Republic of North Macedonia, with the aim of supporting and strengthening the community of transgender people. 

2023 | After many years of cooperation and support of transgender children’s parents and youth, TransFormA forms a support group comprised with parents of transgender children, who offer support to other parents who are going through the process of accepting their child's gender identity.